Sharing Documents via MyFiles

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Being able to share files, pictures, and documents is vital for many co-parents' communication. On OurFamilyWizard, MyFiles is a central location for parents to upload photos, homework assignments, permission slips, and more. 

In this tutorial:

Click the blue circle to the bottom-righthand corner of your MyFiles screen to add a new file.

Uploading Directly to MyFiles

  1. In the main navigation menu, click Info Bank.
  2. Select the MyFiles section from the menu on the left. 
  3. Next, click the Add button (blue circle) located at the bottom-right corner of the MyFiles page.
  4. Select “Choose file” (Mac) or “Browse File” (PC) to locate the documents you wish to upload.
  5. Once you have chosen the file you wish to upload, you can label it and put a brief description.
  6. Select your Sharing options for this file. This will designate who can access this file. Your options include:
    1. Private: Private files are only viewable to you
    2. Privileged: Privileged files are only viewable to the connected practitioners you select. These individuals will include any practitioners whom you have granted Professional Access to oversee your account. If you have not granted anyone Professional Access to your account, this Sharing option will not be available.
    3. Shared: Shared files will be viewable to all of your connected practitioners, as well as any family members you select from this list.
  7.  After you have finished, click Save and your file will be uploaded. 

What does it mean to mark a shared communication or file "privileged"?

  • A user has the ability to mark a file shared with another user as "privileged." When a user chooses to mark a communication or file as "privileged," it is the intention of that user that the communication or file be "privileged" between the sender and the person with whom it is shared.

    However, whether or not any given communication will ultimately be protected by attorney-client privilege is a fact-specific legal determination and not one over which OurFamilyWizard has any authority. 

You can edit or delete files that you uploaded to MyFiles.

Editing or Deleting MyFiles Uploads

Files that have been uploaded directly to the MyFiles section of the Info Bank can be edited or removed by the parent who added them. 

  1. In the main navigation menu, click Info Bank.
  2. Select MyFiles from the menu on the left.
  3. To the far right of each file row, click the 3 dots to display the edit and delete options.
    1. Click Edit to edit the file.
      1. If you update the Sharing options to grant someone new access to the file, that user will be notified via a System Message that they can now view the file.
      2. If you update the Sharing options to remove someone's access to the file, that user will be notified via a System Message that they can no longer access the file. 
    2. Click Delete to delete the file. Please note that you can only delete a MyFile entry that:
      1. You uploaded directly to the MyFiles section.
      2. Was attached to a Journal or Expense entry you created that has since been deleted.
Check your available MyFiles space or add more file storage space.

Checking Your Available MyFiles Storage Space

Each parent account on OurFamilyWizard has storage space that is used when PDFs, pictures, receipts, and other documents are uploaded to the website. Files uploaded by your co-parent do not affect the amount of storage space available for your account. To check how much of your storage space you are currently using, do the following:

  1. In the main navigation menu, click Info Bank.
  2. Select MyFiles from the menu on the left.
  3. Look to the top of your MyFiles section to see the amount of file storage space you've used out of your total amount. If you need more space before uploading a new file, click Add Space. You'll be directed to My Account where you can purchase more storage space for your account. Click here to learn more about purchasing add-ons for your account.


Quickly access the entry associated with any file in your MyFiles list.

Attachments to Messages, Journal Entries, and Expense Entries

While parents can upload documents directly to MyFiles, attachments that were uploaded with a message, a journal entry such as a Check-in or Moment, or an expense entry will also be documented within MyFiles as well. 

You can see which files in your MyFiles list are attachments to messages, journals, and expenses by clicking the 3 dots to the far right of each file row in your list. If a file is an attachment to another entry, you will be presented with the option to view the entry in question or download the file attached to the entry.


Sorting, Filtering, and Searching Your MyFiles List

Learn how to use the sort, filter, and search functions to help you quickly locate specific documents within your MyFiles list. 

Sorting MyFiles

By default, your MyFiles list will be displayed by date with the most recently uploaded files at the top of the list.

To re-sort this list, click the blue text next to where it says "Sort by" at top of the page. Your sorting options are as follows:

  • Newest: Sort by newest uploaded files to oldest uploaded files in your list.
  • Oldest: Sort by oldest uploaded files to newest uploaded files in your list.
  • A to Z: Display files in alphabetical order based on their titles. 
  • Z to A: Display files in reverse alphabetical order based on their titles.
Use filters in MyFiles to view files that meet certain specifications.

Using Filters 

Filters help you view only files that meet certain specifications. You can filter your MyFiles list by:

  • Date range: View entries within a specified date range. This date range will refer to the date on which a file was added.
  • Type: View files by file type. You can filter to view image files, video files, or all other file types (i.e., PDFs).
  • Permissions: View shared files, private files that you've uploaded, or privileged files (files that were shared with only select practitioners connected to you).
  • Creator: View entries created by specific family members or practitioners, or select all. 

To use filters:

  1. From your MyFiles list, click the Filters icon at the upper righthand corner of your screen.
  2. Set the filters you wish to use, then click See Results at the bottom of the window to view the files that fit your specified filters. 
  3. To remove filters from your search, click Clear All at the top-right corner of the Filters menu. 
Run a keyword search to quickly locate specific MyFiles.

Using the Search Function

You'll find the Search bar at the upper righthand corner of your MyFiles list. Using the Search function, you can search and locate files based on keywords in file names. Your search must include at least 3 letters or numbers.