How can I tell if a message I sent has been read?

As a professional user on OFW, you may want to know whether or not a client has read a message you sent to them. Using the OFW mobile app for practitioners, you can see this information with ease. To do so, start by logging into your professional account on your OFW app for iPhone or iPad.

Navigate to Messages.

In the left navigation, go to Messages. In the Messages section, select Sent Messages.

View your Sent Messages.

In your list of Sent Messages, select the message in question. For each recipient that you sent this message to, you will be able to see whether or not they have viewed the message.

  • If a client has viewed your message, you will see the date/time that they first viewed it. 
  • If a client has not viewed your message, their first viewed time will read as "Never".