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Being a co-parent is a lifetime appointment. It requires patience, communication, empathy, and a desire to raise children in a healthy, conflict-free environment. But every parent needs a little help along the way, which is why we cover the most important topics for two household families, from scheduling holidays to managing shared expenses.

You'll find tips for fostering strong relationships with bonus parents, choosing the right parenting schedule for your family, keeping your communication positive and productive, and more. 


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution can help co-parents reach resolutions on everyday matters without court intervention. Learn more about strategies like mediation, arbitration, online dispute resolution, and other alternative methods of dispute resolution.

Blended Families

Blending families is a challenge that requires careful forethought and preparation. Use these communication strategies to help you improve the long-term health of your blended family.

Child Contact

Contact allows a parent to spend time with their children even if they don't live together. Gain a better understanding of supervised contact and other forms of child contact.

Children and Divorce

Divorce can have unique and various effects on children. Learn more about how to help children acclimate to their new family structure with positive techniques and healthy communication.

Co-Parenting Communication

Healthy communication between co-parents is a key element of successful shared parenting. Learn about positive communication strategies, pitfalls to overcome, and more about co-parenting communication.

Co-Parenting on OurFamilyWizard

Co-parenting can be made easier with the right tools. Learn more about how OurFamilyWizard helps families solve common sources of conflict.

COVID-19 & Co-Parenting

Help topics and insights from family law professionals around the country addressing major concerns parents have about co-parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Divorce and Separation

Separation and divorce are two of the most difficult events for parents and children to face. As hard as it may be, families are resilient. Find new ways to help your family, or one close to you, move forward successfully after divorce or separation.

Divorce Finances

Divorce can be expensive, and it's easy to get overwhelmed when organising your finances during a separation. Use these strategies to arm yourself with knowledge and reduce divorce expenditures.

Emotional and Mental Health

Adapting to co-parenting can be incredibly stressful for the entire family, which is why staying on top of everyone's emotional and mental health is so important. For long-term success, use these methods to keep yourself and your children both happy and healthy.

Family Fun

Even the busiest of families need to take breaks and have fun. Discover new ways for your family to have fun.

Family Law Practitioners

Family law and mental health practitioners play an important role for many families navigating a divorce or separation. Learn more about how practitioners help families as well as how OFW can streamline this work.

Fundamentals of Co-Parenting

Whether you're brand new to co-parenting or have been co-parenting for years, these fundamentals are essential for keeping communication on track.

Holidays and Travel

Holidays, vacations, school breaks, and travel should be sources of fun for a family. But unfortunately, they're also common sources of conflict and stress for co-parents. Learn more about strategies to help co-parents navigate discussions about holidays, travel, and vacations.

Long-Distance Co-Parenting

When parents live far apart from each other, co-parenting needs change greatly. Learn more about different ways in which families can use communication and advanced planning to cope with long-distance co-parenting.

Military Families

Military families face a unique set of challenges such as frequent deployments, relocations, and physical distance. Learn more about these challenges and strategies for staying connected no matter the distance.

Overcoming Conflict

Conflict between divorced or separated parents can transform family dynamics for the worse. Educate yourself on strategies for overcoming co-parenting conflict and keeping families healthy.

Parallel Parenting

When working together isn’t working, parallel parenting can be a positive alternative. Parallel parenting allows both parents to remain involved with their children while giving parents the space they may need. Learn more about this shared parenting strategy.

Parenting Plans

Parenting plans are complicated documents with many moving parts. Learn more about creating one that is thorough, thoughtful, and sets you up for co-parenting success.

Parenting Skills and Strategies

Raising children is a learning process that lasts a lifetime. Consider these strategies and tips that can help to improve your parenting.

Relationships After Divorce

Entering a relationship after a divorce, whether by dating or remarriage, can be a delicate issue for parents as well as their children. It can also be rewarding for everyone. Learn positive ways to navigate relationships after divorce to keep your children protected.

School and Children

A child’s education is paramount to their parents, yet major events like divorce or separation have the potential to impact any child’s focus on school. Learn more about how to keep children prepared to face challenges at school while coping with changes at home.

Shared Parenting Expenses

When they're handled incorrectly, shared parenting expenses can be a major source of conflict between co-parents. However, with the right methods, parents can keep the focus on their children and remove strife from expense reimbursement requests and payments.

Shared Parenting Schedules

Parenting schedules are one of the most important aspects of parenting arrangements after a divorce or separation. Educate yourself about the different parenting schedule patterns, what factors to consider when choosing a parenting schedule, and more.

Teens and Divorce

Teens have their own particular set of concerns after their parents' divorce. Learn how to help them cope with positive and open strategies.