Trade/Swap Tool

The patented Trade/Swaptool clarifies parenting time modification requests, minimising confusion and the conflict that stems from miscommunication. Use this tutorial to learn how to use the Trade/Swap tool on the OFW website.

> Learn how to use the Trade/Swap™ tool on the mobile app

In this tutorial:


Submitting a Trade/Swap™ request

If you'd like to initiate a trade or swap on the calendar you must first select the calendar menu tab at the top of the page.

  1. In the top section of the calendar, click the Trade button.
  2. Fill out all required fields for the trade/swap request:
    1. The parent you're requesting take responsibility: This can be either you or your co-parent.
    2. Begins and Ends date/time: When would you like either yourself or your co-parent to take responsibility of your children?
    3. Offer expiration date: Designate until when your co-parent has to respond before the offer expires. Trade/Swap requests must allow for a minimum of 24 hours before the offer expires. 
    4. Reasoning: Describe the reasons as to why you are requesting the modification in parenting time.
  3. If you wish to make a trade with your co-parent simply check the box titled "This is a trade". A trade indicates that you are requesting that your co-parent take responsibility for your children in exchange for you taking responsibility for your co-parent at another time and date. After selecting the checkbox a separate menu will appear allowing you to specify the details of the trade.
  4. After you have entered all of the necessary information for the trade/swap, submit your request by selecting the Submit Request button located at the top left corner of the menu box.

Your trade/swap request will be posted on the calendar and your co-parent will receive a system message alerting them to your request. If your request is accepted by your co-parent, the parenting schedule on the calendar will update to reflect the requested changes. Your co-parent has the additional options of submitting a counter-offer or refusing the request. 



Responding to a Trade/Swap request from your co-parent

When a parent submits a parenting time modification request using the Trade/Swap tool, their co-parent is given the opportunity to respond to the request through OFW.

Finding a Trade/Swap request

When your co-parent enters a Trade/Swap™ request, you'll receive a notification if you have email, text, or push alerts enabled for your account. To find the Trade/Swap™ request your co-parent submitted, first, go to the Action Items folder on your Message Board. Find the message with the subject of 'Trade Swap Request Created' and click on the 'Click to view' link within. You will then be brought to the Trade/Swap™ request in question. 

  • Open Trade/Swap™ requests are marked on the calendar with this icon: 
  • Closed Trade/Swap™ requests are marked on the calendar with this icon: 

Responding to the request

You have three options when responding to a Trade/Swap™ request from your co-parent. Before selecting your response, carefully review the details of the request. Once a Trade/Swap™ request has been responded to, no further changes can be made to the request. 

  • Approve: Approving a Trade/Swap™ request updates the parenting schedule to reflect the proposed changes. 
  • Refuse: When a Trade/Swap™ request is refused, the parenting schedule will remain unaffected. 
  • Refuse and Make Offer: This option allows parents to propose an update to the requested change. Any element of the original Trade/Swap™ request can be modified when this option is selected. 

When submitting a Trade/Swap request, the creator must select a date, a minimum of 24 hours in the future, by which they need a response. If you do not respond to a Trade/Swap™ request by the selected date, the request will expire, and no changes will be made to the parenting schedule. 



Generating Trade/Swap history reports

Every Trade/Swap™ request that has been responded to or has expired is permanently chronicled on your shared calendar. Closed and expired trades are marked with a  symbol. When viewing the calendar, you can click on this symbol to view the history of an individual request. However, if you need to review multiple requests or cannot quite remember the exact dates, it's easier to generate a Trade/Swap™ report instead. 

  1. Navigate to the calendar tab of your account.
  2. Click the  Report button located above the calendar and directly to the right of the  Trade button. 
  3. In the Trade/Swap Report pop-up, select the date range for which you'd like all Trade/Swap™ records.
  4. Click the 'Get Report' button in the upper left-hand corner. If the report does not have the information for which you are searching, adjust the date range and click on the 'Get Report' button again.
  5. When ready, click on the 'Print' button and you'll be prompted to download the report.